16 Days Of Lost – Jacob & His Adversary

19th January 2010, 11:07pm

Welcome to day two of my 16 Days Of Lost feature. Today, I’ll be covering the elusive Jacob, and his even more elusive adversary, who’ll I’ll be referring to as “MIB” (man in black) throughout this article. Jacob was first name dropped in season three by one of The Others (“Ben just put his life [...]

16 Days Of Lost – The Monster

18th January 2010, 11:33am

Welcome to the first official post of my 16 Days Of Lost segment. In today’s entry, I will be focusing on one of the biggest mysteries that’s been on everyone’s minds since the first episode of season one all those years ago; that big cloud of black smoke that seems intent on killing everyone. The [...]

16 Days Of Lost

18th January 2010, 2:30am

I was determined to write a new Lost-related blog tonight when I realised it’s only 16 days until the US premier of the sixth and final season. So in honour of this fact, I have decided for the next 16 days until the 6.01 “LA X” airs, I will be blogging on a different topic, [...]

Fallout 3 Update

12th January 2010, 2:05am

Thought I’d give you all an update to my current gaming obsession; Fallout 3. I’ve actually completed the main game now, as well as all the downloadable content and last night I started a new game. The reason for this being to get 100% and earn my Platinum trophy. I was a complete douche in [...]