Can’t Be Too Careful Anymore…

28th December 2009, 4:02am

I settled down A twisted up frown disguised as a smile Well you would’ve never known I had it all but not what I wanted ‘Cause hope for me was a place uncharted and overgrown You’d make your way in, I’d resist you just like this “YOU CAN’T TELL ME TO FEEL!” The truth never [...]

Paramore @ Wembley Arena, 18/12/09

21st December 2009, 11:28pm

After months of waiting for it, the best night of my year finally came round on Friday (18th December) – Paramore live at Wembley Arena. Last show of the tour and the biggest UK venue they’ve ever played with a capacity of around 13,000 people. Me and Mark travelled up there around 5pm and got [...]

Legal Requirement To Get Married…

16th December 2009, 4:23pm

If there was to be one definitive, unrivalled legal requirement for a couple to get married across the world…this should be it. Check it.

2009′s Top Eleven Albums

14th December 2009, 10:24pm

As 2010 dawns on us in a few short weeks, and seeing as I can’t really think of any new albums coming out between now and then, I decided to take the time to comment on my personal top eleven favourite albums of 2009. Because ten wasn’t enough, obviously. Of course, as I’m sure many [...]

Blogging Via iPhone

9th December 2009, 5:53am

With the new blog setup that went live on the server yesterday, I promptly checked the Apple App Store to see if there was a WordPress app. Lo and behold there was. Basically this is just a blog to test out the functionality of this app and so far, so good. I’m blogging this whilst [...]

Farewell, Social Life

8th December 2009, 6:56pm

Okay, so for the past week I’ve been thoroughly engrossed in Fallout 3. I had owned the game since January but couldn’t really get into it at the time. Upon release of the Game Of The Year edition, I repurchased it and decided to buckle down and force my way through it, regardless of whether [...]

Twix Xtra – The Ultimate Nom

8th December 2009, 8:16am

That is all. Now Playing: Stop And Stare – OneRepublic