Tom Case

Welcome to Urban Butterfly, the personal web-site/blog/portfolio/scribble-pad of Southend-on-Sea based IT consultant, web-site designer, trainee gentleman and rockstar in waiting, Tom Case (me, in other words).

The site you're looking at relaunched under its third redesign in December 2009. This new version of the site focuses on removing emphasis from static pages that don't tend to change that often and restoring it to the only part that people are interested in reading...the blog. There's also new features that boost your interactivity with the site, e.g. blog ratings and commenting.

The site isn't going to stay "as is" and more features and content will be added as time goes on. You can keep track of the pages that will change the most through their appropriate RSS feeds. If you have any ideas for improvements or suggestions as to what you'd like the site to feature, please feel free to drop me an e-mail :-) Hope you enjoy browsing the site!

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